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  Oxford   95.29
  Cambridge   91.92
  Imperial College   82.27
  St Andrews   79.30
  UCL   79.17
  London School of Economics   78.53
  Edinburgh   75.15
  Warwick   75.01
  Loughborough   73.44
  Bath   73.43

Loughborough University

Tuesday May 1, 2007
The Guardian

Loughborough University
Academically strong across the board it may be - and it is - but Loughborough is still famous for its strength in sport. It's proud of its reputation in teaching, studying and participating in all sorts of sweaty activities, though it probably is possible to be a student here without once being compelled to don a sweatband and take to a pitch of some variety. Indeed, art and culture are taken seriously here, too. It's home to two of Loughborough's major performance spaces. The Midlands market town is about a mile away from campus. The university is the town's biggest employer and students are a major part of the population here. The students' union is unique as it's the only one in the country that is physically owned by the students. The rest of the 433-acre campus is a safe and pleasant place to spend time, with good facilities for all aspects of student life, including - what else? - sport.

£3,070 for full-time undergraduate courses in 2007.

£1,330 for students with a household income up to £17,910, then calculated on a descending sliding scale. Merit-based scholarships are also available in some subjects.

Loughborough encourages first years to live in halls. A range of housing is available. Self-catering options cost from around £60 to £125 per week. Catered options cost from around £112 to £132 per week.

Tel: 01509 263171


需要英國手機sim卡,可以到露天下單購買喔! 謝謝


by the way, 如果是今年要去Loughborough的學弟妹, 如果你們需要新生座談,歡迎你們和我連絡,只要時間可以配合,我可以和你們說一下Loughborough的生活概況和其他應該注意的事情,需要的話,請留言和我連絡喔!

It's free for you guys, just help you to like your new life in Loughborough!


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