Just say HI! to all of you...

My sister and I are very fine in UK!

I think many of you have got my messages from UK...

I just wanna shard my good time with you, especially... we all had good or bad time in UK!

After I go back to Taiwan, I will share you more pictures and stories about our trip...

You might never stay in 5 stars hotel in uk (£ 300 per night)

Did you try the Ben's Cookies?

Have you ever go to the Betty's Tea House in York?

Let's Row a boat with us in Lake Districk!

Please Wait..............................

We will tell you more after we go back to Taiwan


Lucy's Never Land

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  • 悄悄話
  • Josie
  • Have fun la~
  • 我是很快樂啦~~~哈哈哈

    Lucy 於 2008/08/08 06:12 回覆

  • xz056865
  • Good Night!

    I know why you can't type in Chinese.Thanks for your wish. I wish Lucy&Fish have a good trip in London,too.
    Your friend,Tina
  • 希望蒂納的日本行也一切順利喔!期待你們的分享!

    Lucy 於 2008/08/08 06:13 回覆